VA 2407 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

two-component cyanoacrylate, high gap bridging

Product number: 10063086

AED 189.00*

% AED 262.50* (28% saved)
Content: 10 g (AED 1,890.00* / 100 g)

VA 2407 is a colourless and crystal clear curing two-component cyanoacrylate adhesive for bonding a wide variety of materials with and to each other. It adheres very well to many plastics (e.g. polycarbonate), steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ceramics, glass and rubber. The newly developed adhesive combines the advantages of instant adhesives with the process reliability of 2-component adhesives. The high-strength and fast-curing structural adhesive is sandable and paintable after approx. 25 minutes. It is resistant to weathering, many aggressive chemicals, impact stress and vibration. It is temperature-resistant from -20 °C to +120 °C (-40 to +248 °F). Depending on the geometry of the bond, gaps of up to 5 mm can be covered with VA 2407. Due to its fast and impact-resistant curing, it is particularly suitable for bonding e.g. plastic and rubber. It can also be used for structural adhesive bonding, where a coloured adhesive joint would affect the overall appearance of the component. VA 2407 bonds transparent plastics together, like Plexiglas and other materials, in a clean and visually appealing way. The adhesive is suitable for a wide variety of applications in plastic technology, mechanical construction, model and mould construction, metal construction, ship and boat building, bodywork and vehicle construction, trade fair and exhibition construction and many other areas of industry.


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