Wire Stripper No. 7 Solar

for the stripping and skinning of common photovoltaic cables (such as H1Z2Z2-K) with a cross-section from 1.5 - 10 mm²

Product number: 51002007

AED 425.25*

Content: 1 PCE (AED 425.25* / 1 PCE)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 working days


Special tool for stripping all common cables in the solar sector I Precise working due to optical linear measure (up to 24 mm) I Automatic wire stripper I Integrated, well-accessible side cutter up to 3 mm Ø I Working range 1.5 - 10 mm²

The WEICON Wire Stripper No. 7 Solar offers a fine-tuning mechanism, which can be adjusted to various positions. That way, all common round cables used in the solar sector from 1.5-10.0 mm² can be stripped. The wire stripper also has visual length scale from 8 - 24mm. The knives of the Wire Stripper No. 7 Solar are hardened additionally in order to easily remove multilayer rubber insulations. A well-accessible side cutter is integrated in the tool, which is suitable for cable diameters up to 3 mm and has replaceable blades.


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Product safety

Tool not to be used on live cables or conductors.