RK-1500 Structural Acrylic Adhesive

structural acrylic adhesive, liquid no-mix adhesive

Product number: 10008905

AED 140.70*

Content: 60 g (AED 234.50* / 100 g)

The structural acrylic adhesive WEICON RK-1500 is particularly suitable for bonding glass, metal and ceramics. Together with an activator, the adhesive forms a 2C-system that is processed in the no-mix procedure. The elimination of mixing processes simplifies the application considerably. The transparent adhesive has a high impact, peel and shear strength. Thanks to its low viscosity, RK-1500 is particularly suitable for use on large surfaces. RK-1500 can be used in mechanical and apparatus engineering, vehicle construction, tool and mould making, in the building and furniture industry, and in many other industrial applications.


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Processing Spatula
fibreglass-reinforced PA 6.6 - short version
AED 19.95* (incl. VAT)

(AED 19.95* / 1 PCE)

Processing Spatula
fibreglass-reinforced PA 6.6 - long version
AED 28.35* (incl. VAT)

(AED 28.35* / 1 PCE)

Primer Applicator
for surface pre-treatment
AED 14.70* (incl. VAT)

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