RK-1300 Structural Acrylic Adhesive

acrylic structural adhesive, pasty no-mix adhesive

Product number: 10000118

AED 126.00*

Content: 60 g (AED 210.00* / 100 g)

The structural acrylic adhesive WEICON RK-1300 has high impact, peel and shear strength. The system consists of one adhesive and one activator, which are used in the “no mix” procedure. This makes processing easier by eliminating mixing procedures. The product is particularly suitable for bonding large surfaces of many different materials such as metals, ferrites and rigid plastics. WEICON RK-1300 can be used in mechanical and apparatus engineering, vehicle construction, tool and mould making, the building and furniture industry, and in many other industrial areas.


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Processing Spatula
fibreglass-reinforced PA 6.6 - short version
AED 19.95* (incl. VAT)

(AED 19.95* / 1 PCE)

Processing Spatula
fibreglass-reinforced PA 6.6 - long version
AED 28.35* (incl. VAT)

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Primer Applicator
for surface pre-treatment
AED 14.70* (incl. VAT)

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