LSA Sensor No. 40

LSA punch-down tool incl. a sensor for tracing the wire end position

Product number: 10054013

AED 247.80*

Content: 1 PCE (AED 247.80* / 1 PCE)

With the Sensor No. 40, wires with a conductor diameter of 0.35 - 0.9 mm and a wire diameter of 0.7 - 2.6 mm can be wired into LSA panels or blocks. With a gentle push on the tool, the wires are inserted and cut off in just one single step. Manual stripping or screwing is not required. The integrated scissors can be switched off if necessary, for example when cutting off the wire ends is not desired. The sensor ensures that the scissors are only activated when the wire is punched into the contact sufficiently deep. For double wiring of contacts, the sensor can be deactivated (OFF). Moreover, the LSA Sensor No. 40 has a built-in, retractable hook for removing wires from the LSA contact as well as a retractable unlocking blade for loosening LSA modules from the mounting bracket. The tool is tested for up to 200,000 wirings (with 0.4 mm wire diameter).


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