Leak Detection Spray frost-proof

locate cracks and leaks in refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Product number: 11654400

AED 66.15*

Content: 0.4 L (AED 165.38* / 1 L)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 working days


DVGW-approval | foam-forming leak detector according to DIN EN 14291 | non-flammable | anti-corrosive | frost-proof up to -15 °C (+5 °F)

The safe, easy and quick way to find leaks or porous spots on gas pipes, cooling and air conditioning systems. Leak Detection Spray frost-proof does not form any harmful compounds with these gases: carbon dioxide (CO2), propane, butane, acethylene, oxygen, coal and natural gas, nitrogen, dinitrogen monoxide (N2O) and CFC. It is non-flammable. Leak Detection Spray frost-proof is suitable wherever compressed air or gaseous substances are used. The spray can be used, for example, on pipes, hoses, fittings, soldered, screw and welded connections, fittings, valves connectors and adapters.

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Product safety

Caution H229 - Pressurized container: May burst if heated.