Chewing Gum Remover

with cold shock effect

Product number: 11630400

AED 76.65*

Content: 0.4 L (AED 191.63* / 1 L)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 working days


Including special spatula

WEICON Chewing Gum Remover even removes old chewing gum and plasticine residues. The chewing gum and plasticine residues are frozen when sprayed with WEICON Chewing Gum Remover and can be detached immediately and without damaging textiles or floorings. WEICON Chewing Gum Remover removes chewing gum and plasticine residues from upholstered furniture, bus seats (rigid foam), school chairs and tables, textile floorings of all types and elastic and hard floor coverings such as wood and stone floors, PVC and linoleum flooring.

  • Spray can
  • Processing Spatula

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Product safety

Danger H222, H220 - Extremely flammable aerosol Pressurized container. May burst if heated.