Rust Loosener and Contact Spray

  • 11150400    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596023522
    • 6-fold function
400 ml
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The six-fold function of Rust Loosener and Contact Spray makes it indispensible for repairs, maintenance and servicing. Thanks to its excellent creeping capacity, WEICON Rust Loosener and Contact Spray reaches even the smallest intermediate spaces. The 3-way spray valve makes it possible to work in any position (even overhead).

WEICON Rust Loosener and Contact Spray loosens rusted and stiff parts, screws, bolts, joints and hinges, dispels water from ignition systems, secures the function of mechanical parts and contacts, e.g. on distributor caps and spark plugs, sustainably protects against corrosion and oxidation, provides long-lasting lubrication to sliding surfaces, and cleans and cares for metal surfaces, mechanical parts and electrical systems.