Anti-Seize Nickel Assembly Paste

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    • Assembly Paste for extreme conditions


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The assembly paste was developed to resist extreme conditions. It is highly sticky, water repellent and resistant to sweet, salt and hot water as well as steam. The high nickel component furthermore provides protection against corroding and corrosive solvents which are contained in diluted hydrochloric acid, sulphur or nitric acid, among others. Anti-Seize Nickel can be applied at a large temperature range between -30°C to +1,450°C.

Anti-Seize Nickel serves as corrosion protection and highperformance fitting grease for static and dynamically extremely stressed screw connections and installation parts and the application at slowly rotating system in the high-temperature range.

The paste protects against corrosion, seizing, wear, stick-slip effects, oxidation and friction corrosion as well as electrolytic reactions, the so-called cold-sealing. For example, Anti-Seize Nickel can be used on seals, valves, screw connections, gear wheels, bearings, jets, conveyor belts, studs, tools or cylinders.

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