Speed-Flex® MS-Polymer
Speed-Flex® MS-Polymer
Speed-Flex® MS-Polymer Anbringen einer Geräteleiste (ersetzt herkömmliche Befestigungen wie Schrauben,Dübel, etc.)
Speed-Flex® MS-Polymer
Speed-Flex® MS-Polymer

Speed-Flex® MS-Polymer

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    • replaces traditional fixings


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Content: 0.31 litres (AED 256.06 * / 1 litres)

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WEICON Speed-Flex is very strong, pasty, stable, overpaintable (wet in wet), resistant to ageing, weathering, and UV rays and is free of silicone, isocyanate and halogen. WEICON Speed-Flex has an ISEGA certifi cate and can be used as an adhesive in foodstuff technology.

WEICON Speed-Flex is an adhesive on an MS polymer basis with extremely strong initial strength and is suitable for the bonding of metals, many plastics, ceramics, wood, glass and stone.

Speed-Flex replaces traditional fixings such as screws, pegs, rivets, etc. The very high initial strength makes bonding possible even on vertical surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas.

WEICON Speed-Flex can be used for drywall and interior work, metal construction, tank and apparatus engineering, in ventilation and air conditioning systems, in exhibition stand construction and shopfi tting and in all applications where silicones or products containing silicones are not suitable.

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