Flex 310 M® liquid MS-Polymer

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    • liquid
    • self-levelling
310 ml
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Flex 310 M Liquid is a self-levelling, one-component casting and coating mass based on polyoxypropylene.

Flex 310 M Liquid is permanently elastic and can be painted over after curing. The flexible adhesive and sealing substance cures odourless; is weather and UV-resistant, has excellent anti-aging properties and is free of silicone.

Flex 310 M Liquid can be used in diverse applications for adhesion and sealing of very different materials such as metals, many plastics, ceramics, wood, glass or stone and for insulation and impregnation.

The flexible adhesive and sealing substance can also be used in other industrial areas, such as in tank and apparatus construction, in car bodywork, container and vehicle construction, in pipeline and fittings construction, in the energy and electrical industries, in sound insulation and insulation technology and in plastics technology.

Content 0.5 kilogram (AED 377.06 * / 1 kilogram)
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