WEICON WR Instandsetzung einer Antriebswelle nach Abrieb und Verschleiss
WEICON WR Beschichtung einer Kreiselpumpe


  • 10300005    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596002657
    • liquid
    • steel-filled
    • wear resistant


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AED 189.63 *

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Content: 0.5 kilogram (AED 379.26 * / 1 kilogram)

Delivery time appr. 1-3 days working days

WEICON WR is suitable for areas where metal parts are subjected to strong wear due to friction, as repairs and recasting of shafts, for pouring out bearings and cutting and punching tools, for the production of casting and profile milling models as well as drawing moulds, for under pouring machines and foundations and as a wear-resistant under layer before the final coating with WEICON Ceramic BL.

WEICON WR can be used in machine construction, tool construction, model and mould making, and in many other industrial applications.

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