WEICON Adhesive Spray Liquid

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    • universal use, clean, fast and easy to apply
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WEICON Adhesive Spray can be used uinversally and is suitable for industrial applications as well as for the trades and private households. It can be used, for example, in automobile workshops, around the house or for model making.

WEICON Adhesive Spray can also be used as contact and assembly adhesive for bonding textiles, paper, photos, cardboard, wood, leather and many plastics and does not shine through. When bonding rigid foam/styrofoam, depending on the type, the compatibility needs to be tested first on a small, suitable spot; wait and check for posssible changes, cratering or other deformations for at least 60 minutes. The adhesive can be processed with a paint brush or a spray gun.

Leak Detection viscous Leak Detection viscous
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Leak Detection Leak Detection
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Leak Detection frost-proof Leak Detection frost-proof
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